2020-03-21 15:54:54 By working together, and being on the same page, we can do this, people!
Consult http://who.itl for more recommendations and information, or visit your country’s local health department website.

Crusoe and Daphne, proclaimed “dogtor” and nurse, are here to tell you a bit about #covid19, and what we can do to stop the spread. The key takeaways are:

– The spread is fueled by stealth cases, which is why it’s so important that EVERYONE stays home, regardless of age or health.
– Wash your hands, a lot.
– If you HAVE to go out, keep your space.

This is probably already information you know, and it’s tough to stay at home, but it won’t last forever. If come against this strong, it’ll be over sooner and we can get back to regular life.

But can we please for a moment just focus on how absolutely cute Daphne the puppy dachshund is in her nurse outfit?! Super cute!

This isn’t just a cutesy #dog video. It’s an important message.

*Journal Science study on stealth cases: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/03/13/science.abb3221

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