The city of Wuhan is coming back online, with no new cases of Covid-19 reported in the virus’ first epicenter and residents resuming business as usual. But as China recovers, the US has seen its worst day yet, tallying 163 deaths.

For the first time since the coronavirus epidemic spiraled out of control in the metropolis of 11 million, Wuhan reported zero new infections on Tuesday, according to the state-run China Daily newspaper. The city’s revival comes as authorities in Beijing look to scale back a sweeping lockdown on Hubei province – of which Wuhan is the capital – allowing some 60 million citizens to return to work and go about their lives.

The United States, meanwhile, is seemingly bracing for the worst of its own Covid-19 outbreak. Tuesday marked the country’s deadliest day so far with more than 160 new fatalities as the virus sweeps all 50 states and burgeons into a national crisis.

Counting more than 53,000 cases – nearly 10,000 of them confirmed on Tuesday alone – the US has quickly become one of the world’s major coronavirus hotspots, threatening to soon overtake both Italy and China as the hardest-hit country.

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New York state remains the US’ largest epicenter, reporting over 26,000 infections and nearly 200 deaths, making up a disproportionate number of the 783 American fatalities confirmed so far. At least nine other states across the country have confirmed in excess of 1,000 cases, with the figures continuing to climb rapidly by the day.

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