Stay at home.

If you are outside, or in your backyard, gathering in more than two people, if you are having friends over for dinner or friends over for drinks that are not members of your household, then you are breaking the law, you face an on-the-spot fine of more than $1,600 and Victoria police will not hesitate to take action against you.

That is how serious this is.

No one in my position enjoys doing this.

We’re not doing it for any other reason than this is life and death.

If we allow our health system to be overrun, then people will die.

That is just a price that is just not worth paying.

No gathering with friends is worth someone’s life.

I make the point, whilst many vulnerable people are at the highest risk, there are other people who have been otherwise healthy, no pre-existing medical conditions, in their 40s and 50s who have died in other parts of the world.

This is not just about grandma, this is about all of us. This is about all of us. Unless you want to be burying an elderly relative or your best mate, or your parents, if they’re younger, do the right thing.

It is very, very simple. Stay at home!

Nothing could be simpler than that.

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