2020-03-20 08:14:55 Coronavirus patients in Italy are treated as “numbers”, a British nurse has said, as hospitals struggle to deal with the huge increase in cases.

Connor McAinsh, who works at the Gavazzeni Hospital in Bergamo, said its intensive care unit has seen “an endless stream of people coming in” being treated by coronavirus.

He told ITV News: “Once we get a patient in the ICU, I haven’t seen any yet being weaned off the ventilator. So it’s been a couple of weeks now, the patients we’ve had for the longest – nearly 20 days – and all of them still depend on mechanical ventilation.”

Gavazzeni Hospital has been converted into a place where only coronavirus patients are treated.

All non-related illnesses have been moved to other hospitals or discharged to free up as many beds as possible.

Despite their best efforts, the number of patients dying from the disease has left cemeteries unable to cope.

“There are burials about every 30 minutes now in the cemetery of Bergamo,” he added.

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