We decided to remain open to provide a takeaway service for what I thought would be a few people grabbing the opportunity to appreciate a walk along Largs prom.

Staying open a few more days also allows us to wind things down in and business sense meaning less waste and staff completing their planned shifts.

I can’t believe how busy the prom was. Crowds of people walking hand in hand, hugging, grandmothers holding babies, teenagers sharing drinks, elderly people galore mingling with others of all ages. Wow! Just Wow!

Now, I have strong links to two other countries in Europe and have witnessed this virus develop by talking regularly to family in both Italy and Spain. This nonchalant attitude was rife in both those countries only a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone at work today was overcome with a strange feeling of guilt, almost as if we were contributing to this madness. For this reason we have decided to completely close this evening until this whole thing blows over.

An announcement not long ago pointed out it’s spreading faster here than it did at this stage in both Italy or Spain. Please please please stay at home if you can, I couldn’t bear seeing what is happening to my relatives happen here too.

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