2020-03-18 12:42:13 SARS-Co-V-2 gol hai aur uske upar protein spikes hai. Insani cells k upar bohot receptors hai jiska istemaal karke virus cell ke andar aa sakta hai
Scientists ne pata lagaya hai ke ye virus human receptor ACE-2 ki madat se cell wall se mix hota hai, aur apne genes ko insani cells me daalke, virus ki copies banaa ta hai
Cryo electron microscopy ke istemaal se scientist ne virus ka structure maloom kiya
Structure jaan ne ke liye virus ko freeze karke, high energy electrons se treat kiya gaya. Fir kaafi saari tasveer li gayi jisko combine karke ek 3D structure banaya gaya
Is 3D structure ne, vaccine m-RNA-one two seven three banane me scientists ke kaafi help ki.
Jab is vaccine ko insaani cell me inject karte hai to who insaani cell viral protein banaa ti hai
Scientists ka ye maan na hai ke ye viral protein hamari immunity bada sakta hai, aur Coronavirus se protect kar sakta hai
m-RNA-one two seven three ko jaanwaro me test kiya jaa chuka hai. Aur ab is ko insaano me test karna hai.
Clinical trial me 45 volunteer, 18-55 years ki umar ki honge. Volunteers ko haath me do intramuscular injection diye jayenge. Filhaal scientists ye pata karna chahte hai k immune response ke liye vaccine ka kitna dose lagega. Ye abhi shuruwaat hai, aur bhi kafi test karne hai.
Abhi 15 volunteers ke teen group banaye jayenge, jinhe alag alag vaccine dose diya jayga. Pehle chaar volunteer ko kam dose diya jayga aur scientist unki testing karenge
Agar ye chaar volunteer safe honge, to 25 microgram wala dose diya jayga. Agar 25 microgram dose ke volunteer safe hai to 100 microgram diya jayga.
Esi tarah dose bada ke volunteers ke blood me se immune response ki testing hogi.

Like other coronaviruses, SARS-Co-V-2 particles are spherical and have proteins called spikes protruding from their surface and have ssRNA as their genetic material.
Human cells also have various receptors on their surfaces that the virus can use for entry
Researchers found that spikes of the virus latch onto human cells using the ACE-2 receptor. After this handshake between the virus and the human cell, some structural changes allow the viral membrane to fuse with the human cell membrane. Then the viral genes can enter the human cell and make more viruses.
The structure of this spike was studied in detail using cryo-electron microscopy.
The virus was frozen, bombarded with high-energy electrons, and tens of thousands of images were created and combined to form the 3 D structure
This is the 3 D structure of SARS-Co-V-2, which helped the scientists to develop a Vaccine called mRNA-1273
When this vaccine is injected into the human cell, it will make the viral protein.
The scientists are hoping that this viral protein will wake up our immune response
and protect against the virus
The mRNA-1273 vaccine has shown promise in animal models, and this is the first trial to examine it in humans.
The human trial will enroll 45 healthy adult volunteers of 18 to 55 years age over approximately six weeks

Study participants will receive two doses of the vaccine via intramuscular injection in the upper arm approximately 28 days apart.

Currently, the study is evaluating different doses of the experimental vaccine for safety and its ability to induce an immune response in participants

This is the first of multiple steps in the clinical trial process for evaluating the potential benefit of the vaccine.

Currently, three groups of 15 people will receive different doses of the experimental vaccine. That is 25 microgram, 100 micrograms, or 250 microgram dose

The first four participants will receive one injection with the low dose

Investigators will review safety data before vaccinating the remaining participants in the 25 and 100 microgram dose groups and before participants receive their second vaccinations.

If the four participants are safe, then the 25 microgram group will be injected, and if they are safe, then the 100 microgram group will be tested, and so on.

Blood samples of participants will be checked from time to time to see if an immune response is developed against the vaccine

Meanwhile, we can maintain Social distancing measures like self-isolation, sanitization, closure of schools or workplaces, and reduction in person to person contact.

And Stay Safe