I’m as skeptical as the next person, especially in such a country where money is the oil that greases all wheels. BUT. There is a chance that this could be their good excuse, to save face, by switching to an ecological park. Their main “competition” in the area being the famous Elephant Nature Park, who draws more and more tourism businesses while spearheading the humane treatment of animals nationwide. (They rescue elephants, and the owner “Lek” has been an outspoken, internationally recognized animal activist.) The fee to her park is like 100-200$ for a day tour. There, people are confined in areas and elephants roam free.

So I have hopes yet that this particular place will use this global event to switch. But they should understand that the fees for that other park is merited, and not cheat their way into money then back to scummy practices again, secretly. I hope they will get educated and supported, with their willingness to learn and work a little bit. So it’s 50/50 in my guess.

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