There are hospitals in major populated areas, one of which I am closely affiliated with, that are NOT changing ANY of their infectious disease precautions to date.

The one I am familiar with has decided to allow various specialty departments to manage themselves with respect to COVID and more than half of the department leaders are awaiting conclusive data before doing the most basic things: purchasing more masks, arranging additional patient beds, preparing for telemedicine (when it should already be implemented in certain specialties like psychiatry), taking temperatures of their staff daily(when everyone entering should be screened for fever already), even basic social distancing between staff members in their break rooms/offices, etc.

Nationalizing would allow the federal government to mandate the most basic policies like these. I am sure there is more that could be done too.

To be clear, there ARE many hospitals/clinics in my community doing the things I’ve mentioned because they do believe it is necessary. Some of them started preparing for COVID in early February and some have cut off visitation for inpatient altogether. However, the biggest hospital in my area is the one I referred to earlier and they are doing NOTHING hospital-wide and only a couple of their departments have had the leadership to make changes.

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