One way to see what a complete idiot you are is to look at actual data, compare the “normal” monthly mortality rate against what is happening now. Then also analyze the amount of “normal” deaths which need hospitalization or intensive care and which do not.

The mortality rate is up over 20% of average due to coronavirus. While that statistic alone is troubling, more concerning in many ways is the demand on healthcare.

As it is true on average there are ~1,750 deaths per day in Italy, the majority of them do not require intensive care.

What is happening now is, in addition to the average number of deaths and demand for hospital resources, a huge spike in intensive care patients are flooding and overwhelming hospital resources.

The majority of resources are now focused on virus patients, meaning the normal person who just breaks their leg, or has a bad cold, or gets in a car wreck; in short, all this people who would normally have access to healthcare suddenly do not.

It’s fucking ignorant to spew a single data point as you did and not measure it against the whole data set.

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