Italy passes China’s coronavirus death toll

A total of 427 deaths were registered in Italy over the past 24 hours, bringing the total nationwide tally to 3 405 since the outbreak surfaced on 21 February. China has recorded 3 245 deaths since early January.

CORONAVIRUS WRAP| At least 60 to 70% of South Africans will be infected – Mkhize

People cheer outside Delhi prison after 2012 bus gang-rapists hanged

Standing outside Tihar Jail in Delhi, people wave Indian flags and cheer after four men were executed for the gang-rape and murder of a woman on a Delhi bus in 2012 that sparked huge nationwide protests and international revulsion.

Gaza: uniquely shielded, yet ultra-vulnerable to coronavirus

With movement in and out severely restricted long before the Covid-19 pandemic, Gaza is perhaps one of the few places well-positioned to stay virus-free. But experts warn that any outbreak in the densely-populated strip could be disastrous.

Olympic flame arrives in Japan ahead of Tokyo 2020

The Olympic flame arrives in Japan to a muted reception, with what should have been a joyous celebration dramatically downscaled due to the coronavirus pandemic that has cast doubt over whether the Games can even go ahead.

Coronavirus: Croatian army sets up field hospital

Croatian soldiers build a field hospital in the courtyard of a hospital in Zagreb, designated as the main facility in the Croatian capital to receive patients with Covid-19.

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