While we are talking about death toll and Italian newspapers: The Corriere della Sera had an interesting article by the mayor of Nembro yesterday that wasn’t covered in the international press except for a paragraph in this WaPo article.

This is the English version:


Nembro is a small town in Bergamo province, one of the hardest hit municipalities with 31 COVID-19 deaths officially. However, the mayor found those numbers unconvincing. He had a look at the total number of deaths in his town and compared it to the historical average. He found it was 123 above the historical average, suggesting the real death toll of COVID-19 in his town including side effects from health infrastructure overload was 4 times as high as the official death toll.

Now of course that is just one small town and it could be a statistical anomaly. However, he doublechecked with three other municipalities and found a similar number of excess deaths there, in the case of Bergamo municipality excess mortality was even 10 times the official COVID-19 death toll.

That really puts things in perspective. Keep in mind that when people compare COVID-19 to a bad flu season, they always use the excess mortality figures because those are much higher than the officially confirmed death toll.

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