2020-03-19 19:24:35 On Friday night, March 13, 2020, at 9:24 p.m., the Word of the Lord came to Kenneth Copeland concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19:

“This disease called COVID-19 will be over much sooner than you think. Christian people all over this country praying have overwhelmed it. Give Me all the glory,” saith the Spirit of Grace. “And many, many people will come to know Me through it.

“I am still LORD over this nation, and I am on the throne, and faith in Me changes things!”

Glory to God!

You don’t have to live in fear of the Coronavirus! Jesus has already redeemed you from the curse—which includes all sickness and disease (Galatians 3:13)! We want to help you learn how to use your authority in the Name of Jesus, so you can stand strong against COVID-19. Take the victory that belongs to you!

Standing Strong Against Coronavirus:

Applying the Basics of Faith to COVID-19

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