Hospital ship to aid Los Angeles amid outbreak

A US Navy hospital ship set sail from San Diego Monday en route to Los Angeles to help the city free up hospital beds. The USS Mercy will take on patients from area hospitals who do not have coronavirus, a day after it docks in Los Angeles.

Bolivian sex workers feel strain from quarantine

The coronavirus spread is impacting lives across the globe, including Bolivian sex workers, who say they are experiencing a severe drop in business due in part to the government ordered quarantine.

160 000 test kits have arrived and up to 9 000 ICU units are in the pipeline says Australia’s Hunt

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt speaks to the media in his daily coronavirus update in Canberra. Hunt announces that 160 000 test kits have arrived in Australia and 1.5 million point-of-care tests for health workers.

Americans sew face masks for health workers

People around the world are banding together to sew face masks for hospitals running short of personal protective equipment as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies. Health care workers say the do-it-yourself face masks are better than nothing.

AOC warns athletes to prepare for Olympic delay

The Australian Olympic Committee has conceded the coronavirus means there is no longer the prospect of the Tokyo Olympics being staged this year.

Coronavirus myths: swerve this fake news

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, there have been myths circulating online offering incorrect guidance on how to prevent oneself from getting the disease. Here are a few that should be avoided.

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