A man has been fined for walking his baby goat in public during coronavirus lockdown in Spain.

The cheeky animal lover thought he could beat the curfew by pretending he was taking a pooch for a walk.

An exemption in Spain’s State of Emergency laws allows people to exercise their dogs, however, the luxury does not apply to any other animals.

The sight of the man in Girona with the tiny kid on a lead came shortly after another Spanish citizen tried to get over the rules dressed as an 8ft dinosaur.

As Los Mossos Police tweeted, even a pot-bellied pig would not be permitted on the street during the crisis.

The man was fined, although the exact levy is not known.

The man tried to dupe police by pretending he was walking a ‘dog’
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More serious breaches lead to a penalty of up to 30,000 euros.

Very serious incidents could produce a prison sentence of three months for disobedience for four years for an attack on authority.

Police are handing out dozens of fines, with Madrid police sanctioning more than 2,500 people and Catalonia police in Madrid, the worst-hit region of Spain, 1,345 fines in a matter of a couple of days.

Man fined for leaving coronavirus quarantine in Spain to walk his pet goat - World News 1

Police fined the man for breaching the curfew
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The State of Emergency laws do allow people to go out if they are travelling to and from work, going to the bank, supermarket or chemist or going to care for an elderly person.

Other breaches have included people going swimming, sunbathing, having a picnic on the beach, a couple who fled to the mountains to “escape this coronavirus drama”, a man who pretended to be a member of the military, cyclists, runners and even burglars.

One resident from Vigo even asked to be arrested as he said he had to get out of the house because he couldn’t stand being inside with his mother any longer.

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