NORTH Korea has just launched a ballistic missile into the sea as the rest of the world struggles with coronavirus.

An “unidentified projectile”, that was later described as a short-range ballistic missile, has been detected just days after Kim Jong Un told the world that his country was coronavirus free.

North Korea has just launched a missileCredit: Reuters This is the third North Korean missile test this month This is the third North Korean missile test this monthCredit: EPA

Japan’s coastguard has confirmed the launch, saying that it landed outside their exclusive economic zone waters, adding that the missiles appeard to be ballistic.

The notorious hermit nation has seemingly taken advantage of the situation in neighbouring South Korea, Japan and China to send off what is believed to be a missile.

The unknown projectile was detected flying into the East Sea according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff via Korea’s Yonhap News Agency

This is the third test this month, with previous launches having taken place on March 2 and 9.

North Korea has been flaunting international treaties and bans on missile test after the second summit with Donald Trump fell through.

Kim previously accused western powers including the UK of “illogical thinking” following calls for a top-level UN meeting over his hermit kingdom’s last missile launch.

Britain, Germany, France and Belgium all raised North Korea’s previous weapons tests before the Security Council branding them a provocative act which breaches global rules.


In spite of reports indicating that coronavirus has killed hundreds of soldiers and unknown numbers of civilians in the impoverished nation, Kim has yet to formally acknowledge it.

North Korean officials recently executed a quarantined patient who was not showing symptoms after he skipped out and went to a public bath. They shot him in the street upon his arrest in mid-February.

Kim Jong-un has reportedly imposed military law to enforce a lockdown to combat the virus – despite the country not experiencing any confirmed cases.

In a bizarre letter to South Korean President Moon a few weeks later, Kim Jong Un said his country felt sorry for their neighbour in a somewhat unsettling display of “unity”.

 This is Kim's third test this month after talks with Trump fell apart This is Kim’s third test this month after talks with Trump fell apartCredit: Reuters

The US has this week offered aid to help fight the spread of the virus in North Korea but has allegedly been rebuffed so far.

On Friday, senior North Korean officials vowed to complete a general hospital in Pyongyang by October 10 to cope with the officially non-existent virus as instructed by Kim Jong-un according to state media.

Earlier this week, Kim attended a ceremony to break ground for Pyongyang General Hospital and ordered the construction to be completed by the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

World Health Organisation director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus gives update on coronavirus outbreak

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