MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The logos for the Russian and international projects of the Rossiya Segodnya International News Agency have changed amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the agency’s news services around the world are gradually moving to a remote mode of operation to comply with basic precautions, including self-isolation, the press service said.

Each logo now features a graphic shaped like a house, by the means of which, given the latest developments caused by the pandemic, the news agency wants to convey the message that staying home will save lives.

“Self-isolation is safe and right, and it saves us and our loved ones from the further spread of the virus. And the graphic house in our logos symbolizes this. Today, they will appear in an updated form on, the sites of the Russian-language projects of the Rossiya Segodnya International News Agency, Sputnik [offices] both near and far, Sputnik radio, as well as on their pages on social networks,” the press release said.

This is the agency’s response to the spread of the virus and a call for everyone to take an active stand in the fight against the pandemic.

“The situation is under control. The government is doing everything it can to create a barrier against the spread of the coronavirus. But any measures are nothing if people themselves do not help each other,” the press release added.

The World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 11. More than 467,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide, with over 21,000 fatalities, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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