TL:DR – viruses usually become less aggressive with Time, as they evolve

“There’s a lot of chatter around that this virus could become more dangerous as it mutates. While theoretically possible the general tendency is if there’s a direction of travel for mutations over time they tend to become less virulent

UK Chief medical officer, Chris Whitty

Viruses usually

  • become less virulent (aggressive) with Time (both morbidity and mortality data)

  • as they mutate and replicate

  • the host lives longer

  • the virus can insert it’s DNA into the host genome longer

  • until perhaps an equilibrium is reached with the host

  • in a “Perfect Scenario” – the virus DNA would confer a benefit to it’s host

Source = my Masters in Virology analysing virulence data on myxomatosis in rabbits

….and the Selfish Gene – Sir Richard Dawkins

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